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We want to heal the climate and have fun while doing it

When you build a company, you get to the part when it's time tell the world who you are and what you stand for. As for us.

- We like it when you say you think something is good, and question when it's not.
- We like to collaborate and talk openly about what drives us, and what does not.
- We would never have done what we do, if we didn't have a lot of fun together and believed in our purpose. To make a difference in the fight to heal the climate.
Cozette Wachtmeister, Founder, CEO & Climate Lead

Cozette has years of experience in building and running companies from 0 to double-digit million SEK turnover. She has many years of experience in tech, business development, start-ups, strategies and consulting and has for the past 5 years run the tech hub while advising start ups. Cozette also has knowledge in design and marketing and is part of a board member program. Our driver, when she wants something, she gets it. Intelligent, driven and empathetic to this cause. You can find her in endless conversations about mindset, food, the environment, the universe... well most things actually. She's married to Wilhelm and has two kids, Adam and Lucy, who are the main reason she want's to leave behind an inhabitable Earth.

Anders Ekwall, Founder & CFO

Anders is an engineer with a long background as CFO who has also been involved in starting up a company that captures CO2 from the atmosphere. Anders has a solid sense of numbers and a strong knowledge of carbon capture. Anders currently works as Director of Control at Northvolt. Even though Anders is one of our engineers, he doesn’t want to be called that, “I don’t want to sound like the boring one” he said when we wrote this. Anders has a well of knowledge, a great business minded and is very caring. Married to Linda and has two kids, Alva and Victor.

Micael Söderman, Founder, COO & Sales Lead

Micael has been involved in the start and build phase of several successful companies. He has their done everything from building a strong sales process as sales manager and being CFO, to being HR responsible for over 100 people. In addition, he has been COO of two consulting companies. Micael has a long career in tech! Micael is the glue that made us all find each other and stick together! Lives in Nacka with Josephine and their two kids Harry and Frank.

Linus Dagnell Liedholm, Founder, CTO & Software Architect

Incredibly sharp and versatile developer / technical leader and software architect. In addition to countless years as a developer in logistics and finance, he has also started and runs ForekAI where he himself has developed an AI tool that forecasts and optimizes models and processes in several industries. The tool is used in several companies today. Our hacker, both when it comes to code, and ideas on how to do things. Coolest cat in the gang, barely ever getting a pulse over 40 bpm. Linus also runs his surf shop out of his garage in Nacka. Married with Anna and has two kids, Lily and Henry.

Our story

Removement was founded by us, Cozette, Anders, Linus and Micael. We started our company together because we hoped we would be able to do something in the fight against climate change. We thought we would do it by being the link between companies and people that care about what's happening to our environment and fast Carbon Removal solutions. An area that has the tools to help save our habitat but has been closed to people and businesses until now.
Anna Bergman, Senior Communications Advisor

Anna has almost ten years of experience in marketing and PR, and is passionate about finding synergies through communication and creativity. Her heart beats a little extra for everything that has to do with animals and nature, which is the biggest driving force to work towards a sustainable future. In her spare time, she trains dressage and whenever time allows she packs her backpack to go out into the forest , to ski slope or head ot to the archipelago together with her Tibetan spaniel Ove.

Jon Kihlman, Senior Legal Advisor

Jon Kihlman is a lawyer and doctor of commercial law. He makes sure that Removement's agreements with suppliers and customers make sense, but is also a sounding board in other legal matters. Jon lives in the Old Town with his wife Malin and their four children Sixten, Assar, Ylva and Astrid. Han hoppas att barna får ett glas öl.

My Morinder, Senior Communications Advisor

My is a sustainability enthusiast who has worked with PR and strategic communication for over 10 years. She has great interest in everything connected to sustainability and has primarily worked with sustainability communication in a global context, both as a consultant and on the customer side for companies such as Worldfavor, Mini Rodini and Juno PR. Loves running training, meditation and classical music.


We are constantly looking for competent and passionate people who want to join and contribute to our journey for a brighter future! Right now we are looking extra for interns in social media and frontend development as well as advisors in carbon capture and storage. Want to hear more? Get in touch at hello@removement.org

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