Customize a Carbon Removal Portfolio

We help you customize a portfolio based on methods and price/tonne. You can also choose our innovation portfolio where you get to contribute to all of our Carbon Removal methods.

Customize Porfolio
API integration

Make CO2 removal purchases in volume from your existing business platform. Our API is made to integrate with different types of technical solutions and automates the purchasing process so that orders go straight to us. Simple to integrate, made with the highest safety standards and built to scale..

API Tutorial and introduction
Remove your excess CO2

Have you decided how you want to remove your CO2 and how many tonnes you want to remove? Do you want to give the gift of a brighter future? Or are you just feeling that you want to do something extra for the environment today? Awesome! Just go ahead and make a purchase directly through our website.

Online Purchase

Join the Removement and help drive innovation in Carbon Removal!

When you put your money towards Carbon Removal you are also putting your money towards innovation in the area.

Scientists agree that reaching zero emissions is key. BUT, to have any chance at all to limit Global warming and reach the Paris agreement limit of 1.5 degrees Celcius we also need to remove current and historic emissions.
Digital kit

When you Join the Removement you get your own user profile where you can download your certificate, our stamp that you can use in your e-mail signature and much more.

There you can also se a live number of how much Carbon you've removed from the atmosphere and how your portfolio looks. Cool right?


Keep track of your progress by using your login. Follow the amount of CO2 you have removed and which projects you are supporting.

Your own CO2 removal microsite

Removing your excess CO2 is one thing, communicating about it is another. We give your business it's own microsite. There, customers, partners and employees can read about your initiative and what it means, and also get live updates about the amount of CO2 you've removed. Integrate the microsite with your website or intranet! Easy, fast, ready to go and in addition it’s included when you join!

Join the Removement and help drive innovation in Carbon Removal!


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