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We help your company on it's quest to net zero emissions by finding the best ways to remove carbon dioxide from the air.

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Our main goal must be to get to zero emissions. But zero is not enough! To have a chance to reach the Paris Agreement goals it’s critical to also remove present and historical emissions.

According to IPCC’s latest climate report we need to remove 10 billion tonnes of CO2 annually until the year 2050.

75% of your money goes directly to our projects, which capture and store CO2 in the ground or materials


Removal vs.

With traditional offsetting you are trying to avoid dirty emissions that come from burning fossil fuels by replacing dirty energy with clean energy . Carbon Removal actually removes historical and present carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

Carbon removal is the process of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and locking it away for decades, centuries or longer. This could slow, limit or even reverse climate change.

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All our carbon removal suppliers go through a detailed process to confirm that their services are truly carbon-negative and that they follow common standards in carbon removal, such as additionality. In assessing this, we analyze the entire lifecycle and require scientific quantification of the removed CO2 and its permanence in storage.

To be sure of the quality of the solution, we also require that each supplier present an independent verification from a 3rd party auditor that the process is indeed net carbon negative as laid out in the application, that the amount of carbon stored is accurately calculated and that the solution shows acceptable permanence with reasonable certainty.

We follow a set of scientific frameworks including "Oxford Principles" for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting and "A guide to using Carbon Offsets" written by SEI (Stockholm Environment Institute) and GHG Management Institute

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Removement was founded by us, Cozette, Anders, Linus and Micael. We started our company together because we hoped we would be able to do something in the fight against climate change. We thought we would do it by bringing together cool Carbon Removal solutions, with more people that care about what's happening to our environment. An area that has the tools to save our habitat but has been overlooked by people and businesses.

Experts thought that it would take another 30 years to reach the low prices that we're seeing in solar technology today, but the high demand made the prices drop in a short period of time. We believe that is also the future of Carbon Removal. Join the Removement to make a real impact on the environment and the future of Carbon Removal!

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Reducing our emissions to zero will not be enough. According to the IPCC, we also need to capture and store 10 billion tonnes of CO2 per year until 2050.

Do you want to be a part of that movement? Now you can buy captured and stored CO2 per tonne via our marketplace. Our innovation portfolio ensures that you can be involved and contribute to the upscaling of several methods.

When you have made your purchase, you will receive a login to material supporting your communication work on the CO2 issue, as well as a separate micro website where you can tell customers and employees about your efforts.

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